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Piano Storage: Piano Storage Boston

Piano Storage Facility with Climate Control and

ADT Security / Video Surveillance

Piano storage is provided in a secure location and monitored by professional piano storage and moving personel. We can move your piano to and from our dedicated piano storage facility upon request with the utmost care for your piano.

Piano Storage Costs:

Piano storage costs do vary depending on the length of time storage is needed and the type of piano to be stored at our facility.

Climate Controlled Piano Storage

Short & Long Term Storage

Fully Insured

Fully Insured


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If you had to choose between storing your piano in a climate-controlled space or one that is not, I am sure you would choose a ‘climate-controlled’ unit. Storing your piano anywhere where it would go through extreme swings in temperature and humidity could easily damage your piano. A climate-controlled space should provide heat or air conditioning as needed.
BUT this does not mean that your family heirloom is safe from damage. The New England climate goes from hot & humid in the summer to below freezing in the winter. Some of the most important parts of your piano are made of wood. Since wood will react to humidity and dryness but swelling & shrinking, over time this can cause the wood to crack. If the ‘climate-controlled’ storage offers heat in the winter without adding moisture your piano your piano is a risk of drying out during the long dry New England winter.

The recommended humidity levels range someone between 40 & 60% by most piano technicians but all would agree that consistency is most important.

We strive to keep our piano storage close to 50% humidity throughout the year and the temperature between 65 & 75 degrees.

We also store your piano so that it is able to breathe. Some movers love to shrink-wrap everything. They just can’t help it. It’s what they do. This will only lock moisture inside your piano. When a piano comes into storage we will strip away all the heavy pads used to transport the piano safely and lightly cover the piano in a way that will allow air to flow through the piano.

Your piano will be kept in a truly climate-controlled environment under video monitored security 24 hours a day in a room with only pianos.


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