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                             Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know the ‘type’ of piano I need moved? 

The ‘type’ is usually an upright or grand piano. An upright piano would be a vertical piano or one that sits upright against a wall. Among the many common names for this type of piano include; spinet, console, studio, full size upright, grand upright & player upright. 

A grand piano normally has three legs (in rare cases four legs for square grands)Among the many common names for this type of piano include; baby grand, apartment grand, parlor grand, concert grand & player grand.     


I am not sure what size the piano is?

The ‘size’ of an upright piano is the height; measured from the floor to the top of the piano. Another useful measurement would be from the very front of the keyboard to the back of the piano. The lengths of uprights are fairly standard; around 5 feet or less.

The size of a grand piano is measured from the very front of the keyboard to the rear of the piano.      


What does ‘player piano’ mean? And why does it affect the cost? 

Player’ pianos are pianos that mechanically play by themselves either with old paper rolls or by floppy disc or CD’s.

The ‘old style player’ pianos or the ones that take the paper rolls are significantly heavier and thus more difficult to move. The construction & size of the old style ‘player’ piano adds more to the weight than the actual player mechanisms themselves. So even if the player mechanisms have been removed from the piano, the cost of moving may be the same. 



Why do I need to provide so much information just to get a quote?

Given the wide range of prices we charge to move a piano, it is worth the time you take to gather the necessary information we need to determine an accurate piano moving quote; Best to provide us with the measurements of the piano along with the details of the locations; number of steps on the outside of home along with the terrain; hills, grass, walkways & most importantly; the details of any interior steps or stairways.

We do not mind if you use our quote page to plug in info of perspective pianos to help your determine the cost of moving. We would rather take the time to give you 10 different quotes than have to explain why we need to charge you more than you expected to pay when we show up to move your piano.            


Does the quote to move my piano include tuning?

No. We are professional piano movers. We are not piano tuners that also move pianos. ** Pianos should be tuned after a week to 10 days after a piano is moved to allow the piano to acclimate to the new humidity.**


Are there any hidden charges with our quote?

No. We ask for all the necessary information before we provide you with a quote & as long as the information you supplied to us is correct; that will be the price you pay.                                                                                         >>  If you do not surprise us, we will not surprise you!    


Will my floor be protected while the piano is moved in my home?

YES! No one is more concerned about your floors than us. We special order our piano dollies with the best soft rubber wheels on the market. Our dollies will not harm your floors, period!

Our moving methods are based on not scratching or damaging your piano or your floors.  


How do I know which entrance the piano movers will use to move the piano?

The most common belief is that it is always easier to use the doorway closest to where the piano is or where it will be placed. But the truth is that once we are in the house and on the same level where the piano will be placed, we can usually maneuver it quite easily on our dolly. The entrance we will use will need to be the easier & safest way in considering the pathway & steps involved.        


Can I assume that Piano Movers Inc. will use the same path/doorway to take away the piano as the previous movers used to deliver the piano?

Not necessarily. We may have different methods, equipment & ideas than the previous movers. The time of the year & weather is also a factor in our decision making. Please allow us to check out all options before beginning the move.  


Will you need to drive your truck on my lawn?

No. We never have to drive on your lawn. We have equipment that allows us to move the piano over rough terrain; grass, gravel, light snow.



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